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TRiCoLOR is an efficient command-line application capable to accurately profile tandem repeats in error-prone long-read sequencing data. TRiCoLOR works on data both from Oxford Nanopore Technologies and Pacific Biosciences sequencers and is fast enough to be used on whole-genome alignments. TRiCoLOR offers:

  1. A module suitable to identify repetitive regions de novo (SENSoR)
  2. A module suitable to profile tandem repeats (REFER)
  3. A module suitable to visualize tandem repeats (ApP)
  4. A module suitable to check the mendelian consistency of tandem repeats in trio genomes sequencing data (SAGE)

All code is open-source and hosted on TRiCoLOR's GitHub page.


  1. Installation
  2. General usage
  3. Use cases


For questions, help or feature requests, please open an issue or get in touch with me at

# Citation

Are you using TRiCoLOR in your works? Please cite:

Davide Bolognini, Alberto Magi, Vladimir Benes, Jan O Korbel, Tobias Rausch. TRiCoLOR: tandem repeat profiling using whole-genome long-read sequencing data. GigaScience. 2020 Oct 7.